Windows 7 command


서비스 삭제

Method 3 - manually delete registry entries (Note that this backfires in Windows 7/8)

Windows services are registered under the following registry key.


sc stop <service-name>

sc delete <service-name>




파일 소유권 변환

takeown /F <file-name>


폴더 소유권 통째로 변환

takeown /F <folder-name> /r /d y



권한 변경


You should use icacls instead. This is how you grant John full control over D:\test folder and all its subfolders:

C:\>icacls "D:\test" /grant John:(OI)(CI)F /T

According do MS documentation:

  • F = Full Control
  • CI = Container Inherit - This flag indicates that subordinate containers will inherit this ACE.
  • OI = Object Inherit - This flag indicates that subordinate files will inherit the ACE.
  • /T = Apply recursively to existing files and sub-folders. (OI and CI only apply to new files and sub-folders). Credit: comment by @AlexSpence.

For complete documentation, you may run "icacls" with no arguments or see the Microsoft documentation here and here




You can also use ICACLS.

To grant the Users group Full Control to a folder:

>icacls "C:\MyFolder" /grant Users:F

To grant Modify permission to IIS users for C:\MyFolder (if you need your IIS has ability to R/W files into specific folder):

>icacls "C:\MyFolder" /grant IIS_IUSRS:M

If you do ICACLS /? you will be able to see all available options.




/p : Set new permission

/e : Edit permission and kept old permission as it is i.e. edit ACL instead of replacing it.

{USERNAME} : Name of user

{PERMISSION} : Permission can be:

R - Read

W - Write

C - Change (write)

F - Full control

For example grant Rocky Full (F) control with following command (type at Windows command prompt):

C:> CACLS files /e /p rocky:f

Read complete help by typing following command:

C:> cacls /?


I try the below way and it work for me:
1. open cmd.exe
2. takeown /R /F *.*
3. icacls * /T /grant [username]:(D)
4. del *.* /S /Q

So that the files can become my own access and it assign to "Delete" and then I can delete the files and folders.




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