blotware, crapware

"Bloatware " is the term used by software enthusiasts to describe programs that companies pay the PC companies to install on your new PC. Typically, they are demo and free-trial versions of the actual software

pc제조사에 부탁해서 깔리게 되는 소프트웨어 인듯...

Definition of Crapware:
Crapware is software that you don’t want on your computer. Not everyone will agree on what is and what isn’t Crapware because a piece of software that one person wants might be something that another person doesn’t. Some software will fall in the grey area where people need - or they think they need - certain features of the software but it causes them grief by causing system slowdown or instability. Although we can technically define Malware, Spyware, or Adware as Crapware because it’s software that people definitely don’t want, those three typically get put in to the category of Malware.

사용자가 깔리기 원하지 않는 것들..

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