jni.h File Reference



jni.h File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "jni_md.h"

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class   _jarray
class   _jbooleanArray
class   _jbyteArray
class   _jcharArray
class   _jclass
class   _jdoubleArray
class   _jfloatArray
class   _jintArray
class   _jlongArray
class   _jobject
class   _jobjectArray
class   _jshortArray
class   _jstring
class   _jthrowable
struct   JavaVM_
struct   JavaVMAttachArgs
struct   JavaVMInitArgs
struct   JavaVMOption
struct   JDK1_1AttachArgs
struct   JDK1_1InitArgs
struct   JNIEnv_
struct   JNIInvokeInterface_
struct   JNINativeInterface_
struct   JNINativeMethod
union   jvalue


#define  JNI_FALSE   0
#define  JNI_TRUE   1
#define  JNI_OK   0
#define  JNI_ERR   (-1)
#define  JNI_EDETACHED   (-2)
#define  JNI_EVERSION   (-3)
#define  JNI_ENOMEM   (-4)
#define  JNI_EEXIST   (-5)
#define  JNI_EINVAL   (-6)
#define  JNI_COMMIT   1
#define  JNI_ABORT   2
#define  JDK1_2
#define  JNI_VERSION_1_1   0x00010001
#define  JNI_VERSION_1_2   0x00010002


typedef unsigned char  jboolean
typedef unsigned short  jchar
typedef short  jshort
typedef float  jfloat
typedef double  jdouble
typedef jint  jsize
typedef _jobject jobject
typedef _jclass jclass
typedef _jthrowable jthrowable
typedef _jstring jstring
typedef _jarray jarray
typedef _jbooleanArray jbooleanArray
typedef _jbyteArray jbyteArray
typedef _jcharArray jcharArray
typedef _jshortArray jshortArray
typedef _jintArray jintArray
typedef _jlongArray jlongArray
typedef _jfloatArray jfloatArray
typedef _jdoubleArray jdoubleArray
typedef _jobjectArray jobjectArray
typedef jobject  jweak
typedef union jvalue   jvalue
typedef struct _jfieldID*  jfieldID
typedef struct _jmethodID*  jmethodID
typedef JNIEnv_  JNIEnv
typedef JavaVM_  JavaVM
typedef struct JavaVMOption   JavaVMOption
typedef struct JavaVMInitArgs   JavaVMInitArgs
typedef struct JavaVMAttachArgs   JavaVMAttachArgs
typedef struct JDK1_1InitArgs   JDK1_1InitArgs
typedef struct JDK1_1AttachArgs   JDK1_1AttachArgs


JNI_GetDefaultJavaVMInitArgs (void *args)
JNI_CreateJavaVM (JavaVM **pvm, void **penv, void *args)
JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs (JavaVM **, jsizejsize *)
JNIEXPORT jint JNICALL  JNI_OnLoad (JavaVM *vm, void *reserved)
JNIEXPORT void JNICALL  JNI_OnUnload (JavaVM *vm, void *reserved)

Define Documentation

#define JDK1_2


Definition at line 1864 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_ABORT   2

Definition at line 149 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_COMMIT   1

Definition at line 148 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_EDETACHED   (-2)

Definition at line 138 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_EEXIST   (-5)

Definition at line 141 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_EINVAL   (-6)

Definition at line 142 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_ENOMEM   (-4)

Definition at line 140 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_ERR   (-1)

Definition at line 137 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_EVERSION   (-3)

Definition at line 139 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_FALSE   0

Definition at line 129 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_OK   0

Definition at line 136 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_TRUE   1

Definition at line 130 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_VERSION_1_1   0x00010001

Definition at line 1923 of file jni.h.

#define JNI_VERSION_1_2   0x00010002

Definition at line 1924 of file jni.h.


Definition at line 1905 of file jni.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct JDK1_1AttachArgs JDK1_1AttachArgs

typedef struct JDK1_1InitArgs JDK1_1InitArgs

typedef JNIEnv_ JNIEnv

Definition at line 171 of file jni.h.

typedef JavaVM_ JavaVM

Definition at line 185 of file jni.h.

typedef struct JavaVMAttachArgs JavaVMAttachArgs

typedef struct JavaVMInitArgs JavaVMInitArgs

typedef struct JavaVMOption JavaVMOption

typedef _jarray * jarray

Definition at line 71 of file jni.h.

typedef unsigned char jboolean

Definition at line 42 of file jni.h.

typedef _jbooleanArray * jbooleanArray

Definition at line 72 of file jni.h.

typedef _jbyteArray * jbyteArray

Definition at line 73 of file jni.h.

typedef unsigned short jchar

Definition at line 43 of file jni.h.

typedef _jcharArray * jcharArray

Definition at line 74 of file jni.h.

typedef _jclass * jclass

Definition at line 68 of file jni.h.

typedef double jdouble

Definition at line 46 of file jni.h.

typedef _jdoubleArray * jdoubleArray

Definition at line 79 of file jni.h.

typedef struct _jfieldID * jfieldID

Definition at line 118 of file jni.h.

typedef float jfloat

Definition at line 45 of file jni.h.

typedef _jfloatArray * jfloatArray

Definition at line 78 of file jni.h.

typedef _jintArray * jintArray

Definition at line 76 of file jni.h.

typedef _jlongArray * jlongArray

Definition at line 77 of file jni.h.

typedef struct _jmethodID * jmethodID

Definition at line 121 of file jni.h.

typedef _jobject * jobject

Definition at line 67 of file jni.h.

typedef _jobjectArray * jobjectArray

Definition at line 80 of file jni.h.

typedef short jshort

Definition at line 44 of file jni.h.

typedef _jshortArray * jshortArray

Definition at line 75 of file jni.h.

typedef jint jsize

Definition at line 48 of file jni.h.

typedef _jstring * jstring

Definition at line 70 of file jni.h.

typedef _jthrowable * jthrowable

Definition at line 69 of file jni.h.

typedef union jvalue jvalue

typedef jobject jweak

Definition at line 103 of file jni.h.

Function Documentation

_JNI_IMPORT_OR_EXPORT_ jint JNICALL JNI_CreateJavaVM ( JavaVM ** pvm,
void ** penv,
void * args )

_JNI_IMPORT_OR_EXPORT_ jint JNICALL JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs ( JavaVM **,
jsize * )

_JNI_IMPORT_OR_EXPORT_ jint JNICALL JNI_GetDefaultJavaVMInitArgs ( void * args )

JNIEXPORT jint JNICALL JNI_OnLoad ( JavaVM * vm,
void * reserved )

JNIEXPORT void JNICALL JNI_OnUnload ( JavaVM * vm,
void * reserved )

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