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How to type Korean in Ubuntu 12.04

Install Korean keyboard layout by going to System Settings> Keyboard Layout. Click on "+" sign at the left bottom corner, select Korean from the list and close. Click on Options button and select Keys to change layout, then select from drop-down list of checkboxes Left Alt + Left Shift and close the window.

Enable Korean language support by going to System Settings> Language Support. Click on Install / Remove Languages, select Korean from the list and Apply Changes. Select ibus as the Keyboard input method system.

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Type ibus in the dash and run Keyboard Input Methods application. The IBus preferences window will be opened. Select 'Input Method' tab, then 'Select an input method' combobox and Korean from dropdown menu.

Альбом: misc

To switch between Korean Hangul mode and English 'Roman' mode: use Ctrl - Space keys combination (set by default).

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