osgi shell command




bundles [filter]                         Returns a list of bundles present in current OSGi runtime environment.               
          consumers [(bundle id | bundle name)]... Returns a list of services that each bundle consumes is currently consuming.         
          disconnect                               Disconnect the shell.                                                                
          exit                                     Stop all bundles and shutdown OSGi runtime.                                                                                                     
          gc                                       Collects the JVM garbage.                                                            
          getprop property_name                    Print the value of an OSGi property.  These properties are provided by BundleContext.
          headers bundleId                         Returns the headers for a given bundle.                                              
          help  [filter]                           Print table of currently available commands.                                         
          install bundle_URL                       Install a bundle from the given URL.                                                 
          listen  [on|off]                         Enable or disable the console log listener.                                          
          package imports | exports [filter]       Returns a list of packages exported or imported in current OSGi runtime environment. 
          printenv  [filter]                       Returns the system settings.                                                         
          printlog  [filter]                       Displays log messages.                                                               
          producers [(bundle id | bundle name)]... Returns a list of services that each bundle is currently offering.                   
          quit                                     Stop the shell bundle.                                                               
          re [index | ?]                           Re-execute a previous command or display command history with '?' parameter.         
          services [Object Class Filter]...        Returns a list of services present in the runtime.                                   
          ss [filter]                              Returns a short summary of bundles present in current OSGi runtime environment.      
          start (bundle_Id | bundle_name)...       Starts the specified bundle.                                                         
          stop (bundle_Id | bundle_name)...        Stops the specified bundle.                                                          
          uninstall (bundle_Id | bundle_name)...   Uninstalls the specified bundle.                                                     
          update (bundle_Id | bundle_name)...      Updates the specified bundle. 

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